Welcome to Libris Ignis

We live in a world where there is an increasing distrust in science and medical research. Climate deniers, flat Earthers, and anti-vaxxers are vocal online and there seems to be no way to stem the tide of misinformation. This not only has an adverse effect on the world we live in, but also on ourselves and our fellow mankind.

One of the reasons for the above is due to the lack of access to research and science news. Most research can only be accessed from behind expensive paywalls, even though citizens’ taxes contribute to the research. The other issue, also related to accessibility, is the inaccessible language used in many research publications. This affects comprehension, making it difficult for those not familiar with the jargon to fully understand what they are reading.

At Libris Ignis we aim to resolve these problems. Our goal is to make research more accessible and freely available to the public. We will be posting weekly science and medical news in a straightforward way. This is, however, only phase one of our project. We have many more ideas on the horizon, including new ways to help fund research.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about specific fields. And if you have done amazing research and would like to share it with the rest of the world, please submit your story to us here. We hope that you will accompany us on this journey of learning and discovery.

Dr Stephan Cloete
CEO and publisher

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